Our story

Welcome to the world of SOOKE, where we are dedicated to providing outstanding cycling adventure experiences. Our TRIFLYTER ONE and FLUXBURST Electric bike were born from the suggestions of numerous cycling partners, with its core design inspiration coming from the "bull." The bull spirit symbolizes bravery, resilience, tenacity, and natural wildness, hoping that every member of SOOKE can embrace courage and toughness in their lives. SOOKE is committed to offering high-quality and high-performance electric entertainment cycling products to cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

I am SOOKE, born for exploration. Our founder is an adventurous cycling enthusiast who is fascinated by the unique hum of electric cycling products. Through interactions with countless like-minded enthusiasts, many expressed a desire for a flexible, compact, high-performance, and off-road safe cycling product that is also suitable for beginners. After three years of development, the SOOKE brand proudly presents TRIFLYTER ONE and FLUXBURST Electric bike.

Our brand philosophy is "to let every rider find their own SOOKE," representing our commitment to providing customized products that meet the unique needs and preferences of different cyclists. We understand the individuality of each rider, and therefore, continuously explore innovation and design, launching various electric cycling products to cater to different demographics.

We always adhere to strict quality control and a responsible attitude towards the environment. Each of our products undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to meet high standards. Moreover, we use eco-friendly materials and technology in manufacturing to minimize our environmental impact.

We are excited about the future of SOOKE and welcome you to join the SOOKE family, where you can experience a one-of-a-kind "SOOKE" journey of exploration!

                                                                  I am SOOKE, born for exploration!!!