Can I get a Livid bull 1.0 three wheeled electric scooter for free?

During the Livid Bull pre-order period, the first 20 customers who pre-order the Livid Bull will receive a $99 pre-order coupon as a gift from SOOKE official. This coupon can be used to refer multiple friends to participate in the Livid Bull pre-order, with a minimum pre-order price of $1.

At the end of the pre-order period, for each referred customer who completes the final payment, the Livid Bull official will deduct $500 from your final payment. However, if the referred customers do not complete the final payment, the deduction will be invalid. This offer continues until you can purchase the Livid Bull for $0.

Please note that the coupon is transferable and can only be used within the pre-order period. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to share the Livid Bull experience with your friends and enjoy substantial purchase discounts!


We will refund the corresponding commission amount within 10 business days after the customer receives the goods. For example: If the pre-order amount is $100, and the remaining balance is $3,799, and you successfully invite 1 friend to make a purchase, we will refund $500 within 10 business days after you receive the goods. If you invite 7 people to make a purchase, we will refund $3,500.